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Cross-Cultural Adjustment Assessment

Cross-cultural adjustment assessment:

Have you been in country for between 6 & 12 months?

How are you adjusting to living in this country?

CSA (CernySmith Assessment - (see: is one tool that can be used to help you see what your strengths and challenges are. This is an online, research based tool that is used by many agencies to help people during their adjustment period.  You will complete an online questionnaire that takes between 20-30 minutes. You get a short report after that. But this will be followed by a one-on-one coaching session lasting about two hours. This is an opportunity to reflect on the results of the assessment and set objectives to help make further adjustments and good choices.

Contact: via email to: info [at] livingwell [dot] org

Date: ongoing - by appointment

Cost: The online assessment is free if your organization is a member (otherwise the cost is $10) and $20 for the coaching session.

Earlier Event: May 28
Later Event: June 2