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We are an inter-agency international non-profit cooperative that provides training, consultation, assessment, counseling, and opportunities for renewal to expatriates living and working in Cambodia.

         Simply put:  We are both seeking and promoting deep connection, growth, and living well.




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Supporting Expatriate Family Resilience: The Role of Organisations

Do you desire to support your staff members and their family during their time here in Cambodia?

The adjustment to life abroad and the on-going well-being of expatriate families are key factors influencing the performance and retention of international staff. Drawing upon a recent PhD study exploring the experiences of accompanying families both thriving and struggling, this seminar will share the dominant challenges faced by families and coping strategies used to manage these. Building upon these, and desiring to leverage the significant investment borne by organisations when relocating staff and families, we will discuss organisational strategies and initiatives that can promote greater family resilience or thriving.

Facilitator: Elisa Pepall (in partnership with living well)

Date: Tuesday September 30

Time: 9.00 11.00 am

Venue: To be confirmed

Booking and contact person: Email info [at] livingwellcambodia [dot] org

Charge: small donation to cover costs

Earlier Event: September 3