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Thrive Seminar

 Implementing a Practice of Self-Care

Feeling stressed, over-whelmed or out of balance?

Having a hard time turning off the stresses of life?

This seminar will provide time and space to find balance and process how you can care for yourself and set up a sustainable lifestyle to thrive, not just survive.  It will be a blend of information, discussion and personal application - including practical tools and takeaways.

Facilitators: Jodi Chee and Zach Slagel

Time:  1pm to 5:30pm

Venue: living well S-16 Silver Street, North of Sovanna Mall

To book:

Book by: Wednesday the 5th of April

Cost: $15 ($10 members)

Earlier Event: January 21
Later Event: August 19
Cross-Cultural Transitions Seminar