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Available Services


- Cross-Cultural Orientation
- Transition and debriefing
- Prayer Ministry
- Counseling
- Seminars (i.e. Cross-Cultural Transition, Thriving & Self-Care, Leaving Well, etc.)
- Assessments (i.e. Meyers-Briggs, Cerny-Smith Cross-Cultural Assessment)
- Marriage/family enrichment
- Events (Quiet Morning, Pastoral Counseling Intensive, etc.)
- Coaching
- Spiritual Direction

-Prepare Enrich (Pre-marital and Marriage Assessment)

- Counseling Intensives (click here for more info)

Services are provided by trained and experienced professionals with a holistic view of people and desire for healthy and deep connections and a belief in the value of life - and the beauty of a life well-lived.



Fees vary depending on services provided. For one-on-one counseling or coaching the cost is between $25 - $30. Seminar cost will depend on membership, length of seminar and amount of preparation necessary.

Please contact us if:

- there is a training or assessment you are interested in but don't see listed

- there is a training you would like us to consider developing for you

- you are interested in an assessment for a particular topic you would like to see is available

Hover over the bolded dates in the calendar to see upcoming events - or go to our events page to see a list of events.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


phone: +855 92 677 021