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Jeannie Hartsfield  |  M.Ed. Counseling Psychology | Interim Co-Director, Coach, Counselor & Trainer

Jeannie has a passion for marriages and families to be resilient and thriving, understanding the unique challenges that are involved when living overseas. She has a burden for member care and a heart for those living and serving within the global community. She also has experience with leading and mentoring in women’s’ ministries both in the United States and in Cambodia.

Jeannie practiced for ten years in the USA before moving to Cambodia - specializing in marriage and family therapy with a concentration on pre-teens and adolescents. Jeannie is a certified CernySmith coach, Group ICF & Team Coach, CORE Coach through ICF, and enjoys coaching within the missions community.

Jeannie is married with 3 children and has enjoyed serving with her husband in a cross-cultural ministry organization in Cambodia since 2006. She looks forward to many years in Cambodia and growing a deeper appreciation for the expat community here. In her spare time she enjoys running, singing, traveling, leading worship, and savoring coffee with friends.


Zach Slagel | M.Div. Ministry Care & M.A. Muslim Studies | Interim Co-Director & Pastoral Counselor

Zach and his family have been living in Cambodia since early 2011. They have two young boys and a daughter. Zach spent eight years in business and information technology before earning a Masters in Intercultural Studies from Wheaton College in 2007. Currently, Zach is nearing completion of a Masters of Divinity with a focus on pastoral counseling and member care, as well as a Masters in Muslim studies. Part of Zach's focus in Cambodia is working among minority ethnic groups. 

Zach understands the demands and stressors that cross-cultural living entails and desires to see healthy singles, couples and families living an abundant, grace-filled life on the field. Zach's interests include walking alongside expats and missionaries in order to develop healthy rhythms, hearts of gratitude and the ability to process and grow from the various trials faced living abroad. Zach also has experience in facilitating prayer retreats, conflict resolution and mediation, and coaching and mentoring. 

Zach enjoys exercising, coffee with friends, and listening and learning from people's stories. He wholeheartedly believes in the value of community and sharing one another's burdens.


Caroline Clymer | B.A. Music - Minor in Theatre | Administrative Assistant

Caroline moved to Cambodia in 2014, first working with YWAM as an English school director in Battambang before joining living well in 2018. She is currently studying counseling and is on the support staff for a Khmer-language pastoral counseling training program. She has a passion to see holistically healthy families and individuals thriving in Cambodia and to accompany those who are hurting, healing, and desiring to grow.

Caroline enjoys spending quality time with old friends, reading and researching new ideas, singing, swing dancing, photography, learning languages and exploring this beautiful region of the world.


Jodi Chee | M.S. Counseling | Founding Director & Counselor

Jodi is one of the founding members of living well. She is passionate that individuals, couples, and families be healthy people living in healthy relationships and communities. She desires to support others in their journeys to become the best versions of themselves and to live full authentic lives.

Jodi has led seminars and workshops on building community, intentional parenting, mentoring, 'cross culture kids', emotional intelligence and dealing with trauma.

Jodi previously worked for several years in international schools in China and Cambodia and has experience at various counseling centers in both Canada and Cambodia.

Jodi and her husband Steve have enjoyed living in Cambodia since 2010 with their two children. They have a deep connection to Southeast Asia and the unique cultural aspects of the various countries they have visited. Together they enjoy traveling, cooking, crosswords and especially spending time with friends.


Jonathan Trotter | Pastoral Counselor & Trainer

Jonathan and his family arrived in Cambodia in 2012. In addition to working at living well, Jonathan works part-time as a pastor for International Christian Assembly in Phnom Penh.

Prior to Cambodia, Jonathan worked as a youth and worship pastor for over 10 years, as well as a trauma nurse for three years. Jonathan has training and experience in pastoral counseling and prayer counseling.

Both Jonathan and his wife are passionate to see people thriving in the context in which they are living and working and enjoy writing for the cross-cultural lifestyle blog “A Life Overseas” as well as their family blog.





Ken Taylor | LCSW, CSAT | M.S. Counseling Psychology | Counselor

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Ken is a mental health professional from the United States - having been in counseling practice in Wheaton, Illinois for 25 years. He has experience in treating adolescents and adults in both inpatient and outpatient settings. He previously served as director of an adolescent unit at a mental hospital in the Chicago area. 

Ken is licensed in the state of Illinois as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. He is a member of the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals, having received direct training from the renowned addictionologist, Patrick Carnes.

Since 2010, he and his wife have lived in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, serving mental health needs for expatriates in Southeast Asia. He specializes in the
treatment of sex addiction, traumatic experience, depression, and marital problems. He has four grown children and nine grandchildren. 


MiYoung You | M.S. Counseling Psychology | Counselor & Trainer

MiYoung is a licensed psychological counselor from South Korea. She has a masters degree in counseling psychology, a masters of music therapy, and a bachelors in church music. She has extensive experience in youth counseling and school counseling. She has also worked to support unemployed adults at a job centre as well as a music therapist in the field of psychiatry.

MiYoung can offer counseling, psychological testing and seminars. Some of the testing she is able to offer are around personality, children's intelligence and self-management. For a detailed list of the testing assessments she is able to offer, please contact her directly.

MiYoung counsels in Korean, only.


안녕하세요. 유미영입니다. 저는 한세대 일반대학원에서 음악치료 석사를 수료 후 6년간 음악치료사로 활동을 했으며, 이 후 선교사 Member care에 대한 비젼을 갖게 되면서 명지대 사회교육대학원에서 상담심리 석사과정을 다시 입학하여 공부했습니다. 현재 한국상담심리학회의 상담 심리사 자격증을 가지고 있으며 초등학교와 서울시 강동교육청 청소년 상담센터에서 전문 상담사로 3년간의 full-time경험을 가지고 있습니다. 또한 서울시 고용지원센터에서 실업자의 심리안정을 위해 1년, 신경정신과의 상담센터에서 2년, 명지대학교 통합치료센터에서 심리상담사로 1년간 part-time으로 일을 했습니다. Member care에 대한 마음을 갖게 되면서 MCC에서 섬기게 될 때 다양한 계층과 문제를 만난 경험이 하나님의 치유의 통로로 사용되어지길 기도합니다.

“주 여호와의 영이 내게 내리셨으니 이는 여호와께서 내게 기름을 부으사 가난한 자에게 아름다운 소식을 전하게 하려 하심이라 나를 보내사 마음이 상한 자를 고치며 포로 된 자에게 자유를, 갇힌 자에게 놓임을 선포하며” 이사야 61:1

Jace Allen | M.A. Counseling (in progress) | Outreach Coordinator & Pastoral Counselor

Jace moved with his family to Phnom Penh in 2015. He is currently studying counseling in the U.S. from Cambodia. His role at living well involves resource development, training expansion and reorganization, and pastoral counseling.

He is passionate about preventative care and counseling for expats in order to keep them in the jobs and ministries they love. He is also interested in the practical integration of emotional and spiritual health in churches, families, and singles in Cambodia.

Jace enjoys being connected to different international communities in Phnom Penh and the challenges of learning how to be a new dad. In his free time he enjoys spending time with family, watching movies, listening to music, and playing sports.